3: Jamie Leary, Design Director at Philadelphia Magazine

Jamie Leary, Design Director, Philadelphia Magazine (formerly of Magnet, Decibel and Grid magazines) designs for a magazine that is more popular in my city than National Geographic, Vanity Fair, Men’s Health and Forbes, according to their circulation #’s.

In our discussion today, Jamie and I (your host, Neil Binkley) talk about:

  • Magazine Art budgets
  • My incredibly brief tenure as Director of Photography at my guest’s magazine
  • How he hired someone to shoot a cover story, inspired by that photographer’s Instagram photos
  • Hiring locals vs. hiring around the country
  • Illustration vs. photography
  • Photojournalism vs. Conceptual photography
  • Photographers’ websites, and what he likes to see
  • And we even investigate a mysterious heart attack…
  • This and much, much more.

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