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Neil Binkley is a photographers' marketing and portfolio consultant, and graphic designer. He co-founded the photography powerhouse Wonderful Machine, where he was Marketing and Publicity Director, growing the agency from 1 Philadelphia photographer to several hundred photographers, worldwide.

While there, he reviewed numerous photographers' portfolios and websites, as well as arranging meetings and showing photographers' work at top ad agencies, magazines and corporations. He's won an Art Director's Club award, PDN's Photography Annual, and Print Magazine's Regional Design Annual.

Neil has judged the PDN Self Promo Awards and Portrait Contests, reviewed portfolios at Photo Expo and ASMP/NY & Philadephia's reviews, has spoken on photography industry panels, and has headlined his own ASMP talks. He's also been interviewed for his take on various aspects of the photo business. This late 2019 video interview is a good summary of his approach to creating portfolio and website edits and layouts.

Prior to his work in the photo industry, Neil worked as a designer for ad agencies (Kaplan-Thaler, Tierney, Paragraph) and corporations (Citigroup, Vanguard). Additionally, he worked in the film industry in Los Angeles and Portland, OR, after graduating in Cinema & Photography from Ithaca College.

He also recently began an artist collaborative project called BINKLEY+, creating portfolio projects with photographers and cinematographers, with plans in the works with architects, CG artists, illustrators, animators, and a wide variety of artists.

Neil looks forward to collaborating with you!

You can reach him any time at neil@neilbinkley.com or (610) 937-1997.


Neil Binkley

(610) 937-1997


FYI: I'm HQ'ed in Philadelphia, PA, but I frequently travel. 
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