Photopod is an interview podcast about the photography industry, hosted by Neil Binkley. You’ll learn from the people who hire photographers – from ad agencies, magazines, brands, plus the fine art world. We'll discuss marketing, budgets, motion work, and many other topics that help define what it means to be a photographer in this ever-changing business landscape.


1: Wylie Moran, Senior Art Producer and Freelance Producer (BBDO, JWT, The Martin Agency)

Wylie Moran, Senior Art Producer and Freelance Producer (formerly of BBDO, JWT, and The Martin Agency) comes on the first full episode of Photopod! She sits down with me (your host, Neil Binkley) to discuss how advertising agency Art Producers find photographers, why they hire them, whether photographers need to have motion work in their portfolio, and much, much more.

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Show Notes/Links:

A few places that Wylie worked:

Creative industry podcast that I mentioned, plus a few more that I didn't but you might find relevant:

  • Don't Get Me Started (interviews with ad agency founders, Creative Directors, etc.)

  • NION Radio (photographer Nick Onken's interviews with great photographers and others about their paths to success)

  • The Observatory (Michael Bierut – of Pentagram fame – and Jessica Helfand thoughtfully discuss design in all its manifestations)

Episode "Zero": Photopod Debuts with its Preview Episode!

I’m so excited! I’ve been dying to get this released, and now it’s here!

Welcome to the preview episode of Photopod, hosted by Neil Binkley. Photopod is a new interview podcast about the photography industry. In this trailer, hear snippets of interviews with Nike's former Photography Director, a Senior Art Producer, plus a magazine's Design Director.